Welcome to Griezites Alpakas

Farm Tours

Come and see our alpacas up close, they would love to meet you. You can even take one for a walk. Find out how we shear the alpacas and how we then process the fleece.

We now also have two Suri alpacas, so you can now see the difference between the two types of alpaca.

Visits usually last around one and a half hours and you must book first. Please try to keep to the arranged booking time.

Current Prices and Opening Times

Visits are by appointment only.

Workshops / Alpaca Care

During the year we organize various craft related workshops using our alpaca fleece. For more details on what courses are available click here or follow us on our Facebook page.

We can also give help and advice in caring for alpacas including shearing, toe nail and teeth trimming.

Alpaca Products

We have a range of products all locally hand made using fleece kindly donated by our alpacas.


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